Many actors have illusions about the acting business which hold them back from success. In order to remove illusions and become more successful as an actor, you need to understand exactly how the acting business works, and approach it in a realistic way.

Beginning actors need to find out how the acting business works, and understand the practical reality of building a career before making a commitment to become a professional actor. Acting A to Z explains exactly how the acting business works, and gives you all the information you need to get started on your acting career.

Experienced actors need to identify any psychological illusions they may hold about themselves and the business in order to be more successful in their career approach. Smart Actors, Foolish Choices will help you identify and eliminate illusions that are holding you back from success in your career.

When you know how to successfully promote yourself as an actor, and when you discover where you’re coming from in your own approach to the business, you can remove the illusions that hold you back from success and clear up the confusion that’s keeping you from reaching your goals.

TIP: If you choose goals that you can reach on your own, such as sending out a certain number of photos by a certain time, you begin to build a pattern of success that you have control of, rather than feeling as if others have all the power. Get more tips in Acting A to Z and Smart Actors, Foolish Choices.

You can learn more by reading the articles included on this site. And all actors can benefit from reading Smart Actors, Foolish Choices, the only book written specifically to help actors deal with the emotional challenges they face.