As an introduction to this section, I will give three reasons why you should read these articles:

  1. When a person begins the path of self-improvement, his motivation is high, and it seems that such an interest in the field of self-development will be endless. However, this is not always the case. After some time, routine and everyday life begin to drag in their course of things and motivation weakens. Self-development is one of the most difficult work, as it is associated with changing oneself, and one cannot do without the energy of motivation. Therefore, it is strategically important to surround yourself with similar motivational articles on self-development, giving yourself energy and ideological nourishment.
  2. Someone had never before thought about self-development, and this was not bad. But once faced with inspiring stories, a person realizes that you can live in a completely different way, using completely different concepts. So this section can be your starting point on this fascinating journey to a better life.
  3. Also, we often find ourselves surrounded by completely the wrong information that contributes to our growth as a living entity, in particular, it is the media, propaganda, pop trends. And no matter how strong you consider yourself, this avalanche of stupid information can easily turn you into a stupid zombie biorobot. In all seriousness, it is scary when a person, thinking that he knows everything, but at the same time does not understand what is at the extreme edge of degradation.

So, often a person’s self-development begins with an ever-read motivational article, also these articles help to keep your desire to change for the better at a high level and protect against the quite possible and sometimes unconscious path of recourse. The selection contains articles on motivation; inspirational stories of people who changed their lives; tips and tricks on how to get better.

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